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zcoilshoeZ-Coil® footwear is engineered specifically to relieve foot, leg and back pain.Its patented, shock-absorbing design greatly reduces impact to the body and distributes pressure more evenly across the foot then conventional shoes do. An less impact means less pain.

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Z-Tech, Inc., an innovative footwear company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has designed a shoe that can significantly relieve foot, leg,and back pain by cushioning impact to the body. The company is dedicated to changing people’s lives by reducing their pain and restoring their mobility. Aside from the obvious health benefits of pain relief without pills, shots or surgery, the shoes are a smart investment. Their durable construction helps them last for years.

  • Like shock-absorbers for the body, Z-Coil® footwear cushions impact with the ground by 50%, enabling people to walk, run, and even stand on hard floors for hours in comfort.
  • These spring-heeled shoes also return 40-50% of your energy, reducing fatigue.
  • The shoes are custom-fitted in order to provide the wearer with the maximum pain-relief benefits possible.
  • The shoes can be adjusted in many ways to compensate for over-pronation, supination, or sore spots.
  • Because the shoes incorporate a medical-grade orthotic support, many insurance companies offer some level of reimbursement with a doctor’s prescription.
  • Available in over 20 different styles and colors, including athletic shoes, dress shoes, hikers, and protective-toe work boots.
  • Though the shoes may appear unstable, the conical coil in the heel compresses straight down rather than tipping, creating greater stability than in regular shoes.

Z-Coil® Testimonials

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, a Z-Coil enthusiast, writes:

“I have barely taken them off since buying them in July. They are so comfortable! It’s like walking on grass, barefoot, and I feel I have much more stamina. They cushion you from the exhaustion of everyday life. Everywhere I go I get asked about them and complimented about their look. Some find them a source of mirth, but I’m the last one laughing 'cos they don’t know how blissfully comfortable they are. I am a true Z-Coil die hard.”

Yvonne Graham was a Jamaican world-class middle distance runner until she suffered a career- ending rupture of her right Achillestendon. It took three surgeries to successfully re-attach the tendon. In January 2004 she was introduced to Z-Coil shoes. She immediately discovered that she could equally distribute her weight on both legs, and feel her calf muscle working in her right leg. Shortly after, she began jogging and running again.