Repairs for Men

Think of all the shoes you've worn to death. That lived-in pair of loafers from your college graduation. Those shiny oxfords that killed on job interviews. The handy lace-ups that carried you through three promotions. R.I.P., the lot of them, and you've got their blood on your hands. And the worst part is, you could've saved your shoes (and the money you spent to replace them) by allowing Caniglia's Shoe and Luggage Repair refurbish them for you!

We offer refurbishing services, and while we're not always miracle workers — if your leather's cracked, you're out of luck — but we usually can take what's old and make it look brand-new again.

[from Esquire Magazine Online ]

Shoe & Boot Repair Checkups

  • Check Your Heels

    Check Your Heels

    Are your rubber heel caps damaged & worn down? Are metal pins exposed? If so, it's time to repair! Waiting will cause damage to the heel bases and expensive repairs.
  • Toes & Soles

    Toes & Soles

    If your soles feel thin, or a hole is already present, they need to be replaced immediately. Significant structural damage can result if worn soles are not repaired.
  • Salt & Water Stains

    Salt & Water Stains

    When winter salt and water stains leave awful white stains and often permanent damage to leather. Don't throw them away!
  • How're Your Work Boots?

    How're Your Work Boots?

    Care and maintenance of safety footwear can go a long way toward extending the life of workers' shoes.