Shoe Repairs for Women


Signs that say it's time to repair

It doesn't matter whether you spend a small fortune on shoes, or have very little to spend -- taking care of your shoes makes sense.

Why? Because proper shoe care doesn't just make your shoes look good, it also helps them last longer.

We repair all name brands as well as ankle boots, knee high boots, riding boots, wedges, pumps, flats and more!

Check your heels

Are your rubber heel caps damaged and worn down?  Are the metal pins exposed?  If so, it's time to get them fixed because waiting too long to fix your heel caps can cause extensive damage to the heel bases, leading to much more expensive repairs down the road.

Check your toes and soles

The primary areas of wear and tear on your sole are the toe and outside edges. If your soles feel thin, or a hole is already present, they need to be replaced immediately. Significant structural damage (e.g. upper, insole, and welt deterioration, etc) can result if worn soles are not repaired.

Leather Refurbishment

If you neglect drying and/or color loss on your leather items, the leather will become hard and brittle, causing large tears and cracking.