Shoe Dyeing, Not Just for Weddings

Shoe Dyeing, Not Just for Weddings

Caniglia's Shoe and Luggage Repair offers a comprehensive dyeing service for all types of footwear and all types of materials. We have a wide range of basic dye colors and we will do our utmost to accommodate any requests within reason.

Please be sure to check with the manufacturer beforehand to make sure that your item is dye-able and bring in a swatch of your garment to match the color (if possible).

Dyeing Shoes After Your Wedding or Event

Shoe dyeing allows you to customize your look so dyeing your shoes after your wedding or event will allow you to get more wear out them.


Dyeing prices can vary depending upon shoe type, style, colors etc.

Remember: Dyed shoes are not waterproof so steer clear of puddles and wet grass!

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