Stretching Your Shoes & Boots


Have a new pair of shoes that's just a tad too tight or uncomfortable? Or muscular calves or wide feet?

If you have shoes or boots that are uncomfortable maybe it's time to bring them in to Caniglia's Shoe and Luggage Repair!

How Much Stretching Can Be Done?

The amount of stretch that can be applied to your footwear will vary depending on the kind of material they are made of and which area needs stretching. Leather footwear will stretch much more than man-made footwear.  Let us expertly increase the size of your shoes (or boots) using our professional equipment.  We routinely stretch boots and shoes in length, width, instep, heel, bunions or corns. 

Stretching Boots

We can stretch boot tops and throats to make your boot easier to pull on.  If anywhere hurts, we can usually stretch or soften the exact spot to give you relief.

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